Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wacky Writing Tutorial

I did this tutorial at Scrap Shanty and thought that you might enjoy it here too! I got this idea from Maria. Unfortunately, I don't have her blog so I can't give her proper credit.

Here is a fun idea for journaling.

You can make your journaling circle as big as you wish. This example happens to be 12x12 because I originally made it to use as a background paper. When it was done however, I liked it too much to cover it up.

This is how I made it.

1. Use a plate (or another circle) to draw a circle using a black pen.

2. Use watercolor crayons or pencils to color the inside of the circle. Be careful not to touch the black line because you may have bleeding. Allow to dry.

3. Freehand a circle just inside your original circle. Add stripes.

4. Add wavyish lines in the circle. Don't be exact. The badder, the better.

5. When you write your journaling, make sure that all your letters go all the way to the top and bottom of their space. If you have tails, bring them up so they don't cross the line.

6. Color in all enclosed spaces in the letters. Add stars for dots and curly tails. Be wacky here.

7. If you wish, add doodles outside the circle. I did waves since my journaling is about my sister surfing.

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MegsMama said...

this is a great idea!