Thursday, October 11, 2012

Encaustic Fruits

Hello again!

I apologize for the spottiness of my blog of late. I've been quite occupied with various pursuits. I'm trying my hand at a few new activities like coaching girls softball and little boys soccer. I'm also trying to organize an Art Masterpiece program at the kids' elementary school. Finally, I've become quite active in my local art league as the Director of Family Activities. (Boy, do I have some incredible stuff planned!) I find all of these pursuits to be incredibly fulfilling and my brain seems to be utterly occupied. However, my blog is sadly neglected.

Unfortunately, this random-posting schedule will continue a bit longer, but not forever. I'm currently planning a few technique videos for you. I've decided that videos are one of my favorite things so I'll be focusing more on them in the future. Please, hang in there as I try to organize my life again! (FYI: Softball and soccer season end mid-November...) (I do have a Beginner's Guide to Encaustic video in the works. Check back again in a few weeks.)

In the meantime, I've been fiddling about with my wax. (All of the projects pictured in this post were created with beeswax.) I'm becoming hopelessly addicted to this amazing medium, as you have probably deduced. (You've seen the following fruits before, but they look really fabulous framed. So you get to see them again.)

As you will see, I'm still stuck on little fruits and such, but I have a serious series brewing in the back of my brain. I'm just not quite ready to attempt it. Still focusing on my technique.

Some exciting news on the encaustic front is that I won first place in a local art competition with my Green Pear Study.

and my Apple Still Life won third place!

I'm signed up for a few workshops in October. I'll be taking a papermaking workshop with the amazing Michael Dicken and an encaustic workshop with CJ Rider. Every time I take a class, I'm incredibly artistically stimulated. I'm hoping to meld the two classes by applying wax over my beautiful papers. I'll post pics sometime in November.

Finally, here is a picture of a few cards and a candle that I decorated with left-over wax.

The cards were a special surprise. I hadn't expected them to turn out so well. They were created with wax on top of watercolored paper. (Paper is pictured below.) I used the basic Crayola watercolors and had a lovely few minutes swirling and painting with utter abandon.

Luckily, I filmed the entire process so I'll be creating a short video for you as soon as I can breathe again. The cards are incredibly quick to create. (The motorcycle is a rub-on.) So you are sure to find the process totally do-able.

It has been nice to catch up a bit again!

Have a great day!


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