Friday, July 27, 2012

Experiments with Encaustic and Joint Compound

I mentioned in earlier posts that I've been working through Plaster Studio by Judy Wise and Stephanie Lee.  I've thoroughly enjoyed this book thus far and I can't wait to move onto the more advanced projects.

Here are a few pictures of my experiments thus far.

I haven't decided if this heart is complete yet. I think I might like to add a bit more. I'm going to let it sit and stew for a few months.

The background texture is from adding colored joint compound through a piece of sequin waste.

I scratched into the wax and added some oil-based paint sticks. I'm not totally satisfied with the results yet. I clearly need to experiment a bit more.

 This piece was created on a piece of heavy watercolor paper. I was surprised at how well the paper held up! I don't normally use such subdued colors, but I like it.

In case you are having trouble reading the words...

And then one day she opened her eyes and there was the sun. 
So close.
Where it had always been.

I wrote this poem myself and I'm quite proud of it.

I hope that your creative experiments are going well!



Heidi said...

Oh, I absolutely love these. Especially the heart. I love the color scheme. Very cool!

Daniele Valois said...

LOVELY!!! I did an encaustic this summer and had great fun!

Hope you're having a fab summer. Loving the hearts!

Penny B. said...

I love your poem and your work!